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Jamboree On the Air, JOTA, is a combined, worldwide activity between Scouts, Guides and Amateur Radio Groups that takes place during October each year. The Amateur Radio Network is used so that Scouts and Guides can talk to each other and exchange information and ideas – “a Jamboree on the air”.
A JOTA/JOTI station is run at Bonna Point Reserve as part of the Boree Regatta. To attend this activity you need to choose a time slot at the Regatta Registration tent. At the tent you can also pick up the JOTA INFORMATION SHEET.

Times: Opening approx.. 12.00 midday Saturday. Closing about 12.00 midday Sunday.

FOX HUNT: As part of JOTA, a hidden transmitter search activity will be available. This uses radio direction finding equipment to find a hidden transmitter (the FOX). The techniques used re similar to WWII spy transmitter detection – but the equipment is a little more modern. Choose a time slot for this activity at the registration tent.

For more information, contact: John Gibbling
Amateur call sign: VK2EKG

Note: All participants in JOTA will receive a cloth badge which can be worn on the Girl Guide or Scout uniform.